Nike hasn’t officially released this commercial – at the time of posting it, it only has 183 views on it, but it is one awesome commercial. Nike Snow Day had us immediately getting excited for the winter months, and hoping that we get a ton of snow. Granted, going to a nearby park with friends might be a little bit more difficult than it was as a kid, but the feeling of wanting to do it is still there. As a Canadian, Snow Days were a common thing, especially near the Great Lakes where we’d get hit by flurries and they ended up being some of the greatest days. Ahhh, I feel bad for the kids today that just sit inside on laptops and tablets when a Snow Day hits.

Anyway, enough reminiscing! Nike Snow Day features an awesome cast of athletes from a variety of leagues including Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, LeSean McCoy, Luke Kuechly, Odell Beckham Jr., Ben Roethlisberger, Paul George, Paula Findlay, Antonio Brown, Marlen Esparza, Eric Weddle, Lauren Fisher, Marcus Mariota, Sydney Leroux, Le’Veon Bell, Draymond Green, Eugenie Bouchard, Steven Stamkos, Elena Delle Donne, A. J. Green and Carli Lloyd.

So, who wants to meet up at a field this winter for a little full contact football? Okay, maybe just touch football!