The first thing I noticed when I grabbed the white bag that held the Oakley EVZero Path sunglasses was ‘is there even anything in this?’ The question was somewhat rhetorical because obviously I knew there was a pair of sunglasses in there but what I didn’t expect was how light they were. I’m no stranger to Oakley sunglasses – my dad loves them, my brother loves them, I love them but I’ve never felt a pair this light. The Oakley EVZero Path sunglasses are just 22 grams – that’s incredibly light for a pair of performance sunglasses. Quasi-shock aside, it’s then that I realized how sleek these sunglasses looked. I suppose it’s like anything – the minute you get it, you fall in love, but overtime that’s when the flaws are revealed. So with that said, let’s get into the full review!

Oakley EVZero Path Design

The Oakley EVZero Path is a very simple, classic, yet modern designed pair of sunglasses. There’s a few things that immediately stand out in the design. First off, the Prizm Road variety is one of the coolest looking lenses from the exterior and offers a premium experience when wearing them. The Prizm Road was designed for sport performance (and particularly cyclists) by giving them the ability to spot changes in road surfaces faster. While designed with that in mind, their performance for any outdoor activity is fantastic. The Prizm Road adds a cool colour grade to whatever you’re looking at.

The next thing to note is the extended field of view – the lens goes a ways back for both eyes. It’s only after deeply looking one way or the other, at the very edge of your peripheral vision that you see the stems. You’ll notice the etched lines in the lenses, fortunately you won’t see them as they are filtered out by your own vision (unless you’re very nearsighted) – they just look cool. Speaking of the stems, they are thin and very light weight, with a gentle cushion on the ear. The Oakley EVZero Path are SO light, you will likely forget you’re wearing them at times.

Oakley EVZero Path Fit

Fit wise, the EVZero Path has so much flexibility that they will cover ALL heads. A true one size fits all. My head isn’t that large, but my old man is a meat head and they fit him perfectly (it took some battling to get them back). They are comfortable, and with two nose pad options, you’re sure to find one that fits. The EVZero Path is also a very secure fit – amazingly despite the lightweight design, you won’t find them moving at all while wearing them.

Oakley EVZero Path

Where are the Negatives?

I’m being honest when I say, it’s hard to find them. They look sleek, they have a great field of view, they seem durable and strong, yet flexible. Now, I don’t believe that the lenses are changeable, so that may be a problem if you’re the kind of person that likes different lenses for different applications. Keep note of that, but otherwise it’s just a great pair of sunglasses!

If you want to get a pair, (Dad would LOVE them for Father’s Day!) you can buy a pair direct from Oakley for $215.

That said – if you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below and I’ll try to answer them!