The single greatest threat to your safety on the roads these days is distracted driving – and the number one cause of distracted driving is the lovely devices we call Smartphones. While they are now an extension of our lives, the ‘always connected’ nature of them makes us prone to giving them attention when we shouldn’t. Instead of ignoring messages or calls, and instead of the worse option of answering or reading those messages – OneTap stops distracted driving altogether by acting as your personal assistant when driving.

OneTap sets up to activate any time you start driving. Once you’re driving, and should you receive a message or phone call, OneTap immediately sends the call to your voicemail, or automatically responds to text messages that you are currently driving and will return their text later. The app is also gamified to allow you to see just how many distractions you’ve avoided, and can even connect with your friends as well. You can also set up accounts for young drivers in your household. Ultimately, you’re making the roads safer for yourself and everyone around you.

Best of all, OneTap is entirely free to download on Android, and an iOS app is coming soon.