I’ve been using the PrimeCables Dual Monitor Desk Mount for two weeks now, and it has been a great addition to my desk. While I’ve always had dual monitors over the years, I’ve often used the stock mount (or a laptop screen). Moving towards a dual monitor desk mount has been a massive quality of life improvement. While not everything about the dual monitor mount is perfect, it gets a lot right. Construction and price are home runs, while the other features are decent. The PrimeCables dual monitor desk mount makes a great addition to anyone’s desk life.

Design and Features

Upon opening the box, I knew the construction on this was going to be solid. The aircraft aluminium design features a glossy white finish, with black hardware pieces (joints, cable management). It features two angled arms, attached at a hinge to two more arms which gets the monitors up to about eye level. The end features two solid aluminium black VESA mount points in either 100 or 75 configurations. Capable of holding two monitors up to 27″ it provides full range of motion for them. You can bend, tilt, turn or swivel them into any position imaginable.

As mentioned, it has cable management clips built into the design. The way they work is based upon a pseudo-hinge and clip design. You put one end into its groove, and the other end clips in. While it works, if you want to adjust them later – chances are they will pop out. The solution is a bit of tape, and then they work perfectly. That said, most monitor mounts do not include this feature – so they actually come out on top for implementing it.

Ease of Setup

PrimeCables Dual Monitor Desk

With exception of the mount point itself, everything comes ready out of the box. The PrimeCables Dual Monitor Desk Mount comes with two mounting options (which I wasn’t expecting). You can either clip it to the edge of your desk, or you can mount it via a single large bolt directly to the table. That flexibility is a small, but a great feature. Other instructions on setup are easy to follow in an IKEA style listing of items (lettered) and diagrams. It comes with pads at touch points and mounting screws as well. Very easy to set up.

PrimeCables Dual Monitor Desk Mount Performance

Having used other mounting options in the past, I’ve been very impressed with the performance. It does exactly what you want it to do – hold your monitors steady. While I have a tendency to bounce my knee, minimal motion transfer ends up in the monitors. Getting them aligned is easy to do, and horizontal adjustments are easy to do. There’s limited upward mobility, unfortunately, but there is plenty of downward space to work with. If you’re someone who likes to make micro-adjustments to the screen position at all times of the day, this won’t be for you though. Once you have a height you like – you’ll want to tighten the joint lest it starts to droop. As such, tilt and swivel adjustments will be your realm.

The PrimeCables Dual Monitor Desk Mount delivers exactly what you want out of it. It holds two monitors. Construction is incredibly solid, with a nice white and black colour scheme. It also comes with a very nice price point at $65 (Canadian). Good things all around on this piece of hardware!