I recently received a press release about a company developing reversible MicroUSB cables. It was intriguing because one of the major selling features of the USB-C is that it’s reversible, right? I looked at their Kickstarter campaign and while it was a cool concept, I wasn’t about to drop $20 on it. Instead, I decided to do a little online search – and it turns out reversible MicroUSB’s already exist! The guy doing the Kickstarter is capitalizing on people’s ignorance.
One place that sells reversible MicroUSB’s is Canadian e-retailer I reached out to them to see if they would be willing to send me one for review. They obliged and a day later, one arrived at my door. The first thing I had to see was if it was truly reversible… I was a bit nervous, so my first test was on an older smartphone. Plugged it in, and it started charging. I pulled it out, flipped it around and tried again… charging! As someone who hates that MicroUSB cables only go one way, this is a game changer!
Reversible MicroUSB Cable
So WHY aren’t companies that sell MicroUSB devices, not including reversible MicroUSB cables? The technology exists, it works well, and it makes lives easier! Also, as you’ll read below, it is not a cost issue either.

Other Benefits of the Reversible MicroUSB Cable

Braided Reversible MicroUSB Cable

Back to the PrimeCables product to wrap up this review. The cable is also high quality (better than ones you get stock with most devices). For starters, it’s a braided cable which is a bit stiffer, but far more durable. I also appreciate the fact the ‘connection’ point is rigid. The flexible style that they usually come with are too weak and often where they break. Other than that, the PrimeCables Reversible MicroUSB cord works as intended! One of the best USB-to-MicroUSB cable I now own.
You can buy the cable from their website directly for $9, but at the time of writing this, it’s on sale for $5.25!