I’m going to summarize this Roku Streaming Stick (2016) review in a single sentence – go buy a Roku Streaming Stick today if you don’t already have a streaming device. You honestly don’t need to read any further into this review because it’s $60 and worth every penny. Okay, you’re still here, which means our impassioned endorsement isn’t enough. Fair enough, let’s get into the full review.

Roku continues to prove time and time again why they are the single best streaming service provider on the market. The 2016 Roku Streaming Stick is just another example of that dominance – smaller and better than the previous version, and with updated functionality as well. While Apple and Google have some decent features on their own devices, they obviously come built into their own sandboxes, whereas the Roku is completely platform agnostic: it works everywhere.

Roku Streaming Stick Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Roku Streaming Stick is how small it actually is. On one end, an HDMI connector which you would attached to your television, and on the other end a MicroUSB input to power the device. The box includes a USB-to-MicroUSB connector that you can connect directly to the TV (if it has powered USB ports) or to a power outlet (with an included USB outlet.)

Roku Streaming Stick

The remote is slightly different from the larger sized Roku devices as it lacks the headphone jack and volume control. HOWEVER, A recent update to the smartphone app adds that functionality, so you can listen privately to whatever you’re streaming on your phone. It’s a really nice crossover feature that really renders the remote control mostly irrelevant as you can also control the Roku from your phone.

Roku Streaming Stick Features

The updated Roku Streaming Stick now has quad-core CPU, offers 1080p streaming and includes dual band WiFi. These things factor majorly into it’s performance (discussed below). Roku is the best streaming device, and comes with access to over 3000 channels – which give you access to millions of hours of video content. Some of those channels include YouTube, Crackle, Hulu, Plex, and many, many others. Basically, anything you want to watch you’ll be able to.

Roku Streaming Stick Performance

Roku Streaming Stick 2016

Performance wise, the Roku Streaming Stick is a top tier player. It’s fast and fluid, and loading times aren’t very long at all. Compared to either the Amazon Fire or Google Chromecast, it loads content faster and plays with no interruption. It just works.

Overall, the Roku Streaming Stick (2016) is the best compact streaming stick on the market. Their dominance over the streaming market shows no signs of slowing down. If you don’t already own a Roku device, you should absolutely invest the $60 these little devices cost.

Buy the Streaming Stick here for $60 or find it in stores.