A couple days ago, Samsung revealed their new Galaxy Note 4 along with an interesting addition – the Samsung Gear VR. Virtual reality has been making waves in recent years, with most of the hype coming out of the Oculus camp and their Oculus Rift. Well the Samsung Gear VR uses some of the Oculus Technology to deliver a VR product THIS YEAR. The glasses do require a Galaxy Note 4 though, as they are used as the screen for the goggles. The unique feature of this is that it’s totally wireless, and with such a high resolution screen, images will be crisp and immersive. The glasses will track where you’re looking, but not the depth, so that’s one minor limitation of the system. It will be interesting to see if this becomes gimmicky, or if it can truly develop into something amazing.

No word on price, but an estimated release closer to the end of the year is expected.