At an event last week, we had the opportunity to get a look at the new Samsung SUHD line of televisions. The 4K, curved screen LED TV’s come in sizes ranging from 55″ to¬†88″ and come with an array of features including a refresh rate of 240, multiple film modes, UHD up-scaling, eco-friendly nano-crystal technology, a Smart Hub powered by Tizen and running an Octa-Core processor, 4 HDMI inputs, 3 USB inputs, built in WiFi, Dolby Digital sound, and a slew of other features.

Ultimately it comes down to picture quality though – and that was truly stunning. Watching clips of Life of Pi, The Hobbit and other epic 60FPS movies, the picture quality looked scarily real. While that sounds like a silly thing to say, the 60FPS movies on such a crisp display made it feel like you were just living the experience you were seeing. For anyone wanting a truly magical experience, this is definitely a solid investment that should survive until the next revolution in entertainment, which is going immersive, 3D experiences through personal eyewear.

For now though, Samsung’s SUHD displays would look great in any room, and prices start at $4000.