The instant I saw the press release on Showers Pass new Odyssey Jacket, I wanted to learn more. I mean, how often do you see an exceptional looking jacket that’s different than anything you’ve seen before? Especially when it come to men’s jackets. A little insight into the life of a men’s blog… every day, I get about 100 pitches covering everything from t-shirt companies to a pen crowdfunding campaigns. More often than not, I ignore the emails. Reviews? Sure, we respond to more of those because they can be helpful to our readers… but product launches aren’t really all that interesting. Odyssey Jacket Front

But, every now and then something great hits the inbox. In this case, the Odyssey Jacket. You’ve got a nice flat black jacket, with a hood. It’s lightweight, lined with fleece and waterproof. But where it really shines is in the MapReflect design. Covering the entirety of the jacket is a reflective (and unique) map. These maps consist out of a combination of 11 different cities including Portland, New York, Washington DC, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, London, Newcastle, Berlin, Sydney and Taipei. When light hits the jacket, the individual lines act like a reflective material. The result is an amazing lit up map that’s not only interesting to look at, but easy to spot.

Reflective Map Print on the Odyssey Jacket

Odyssey Jacket Back

Technically, it’s a cycling jacket – but this would be a cool jacket to have and take anywhere. Is the jacket any good? No clue. That said, I’m going to assume that a company that has been making outdoor wear for 20 years knows their stuff. If you happen to buy one, leave your comments below. As a sidenote, it would be cool if you could get one with your favorite city on it. I’d rock a Toronto Odyssey Jacket proudly!
You can buy the Odyssey Jacket from Showers Pass website for $179. (Oh, and if you’re looking for something a little bit warmer, check out the Atlas Jacket. It has the same MapReflect printing, but more to keep you warm.)