How many of you would jump at the opportunity to sit on the edge of the largest waterfall in the world? Perhaps ‘jump’ is the wrong choice of words – but every year thousands of tourists seek out this unique and terrifying experience at Victoria Falls on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, aptly named The Devil’s Pool. The experience has been compared to the thrill of skydiving, but in this case there is no parachute!

Victoria Falls Zambia

The Devil’s Pool is a naturally occurring ‘infinity pool’ that is only accessible during the dry season (August to January) as the flow of water drops significantly. This drop in waterflow turns the raging waters of an active waterfall to something a little bit more like a flowing river. That said, the only thing that separates you from falling down the 100 meter drop is a stone ledge about a meter wide. Thrill seekers take it one step further by leaning, lying or in some rare cases, standing on the ledge right on the precipice.

The Devil’s Pool is a True Rush

In order to get to this unique bucket list experience, you’ll need to stay locally as it’s a bit of a rocky, pathless walk (30 minutes). After the hike, you’ll need to take a swim in the Zambezi river to get to the spot on the Victoria Falls. Upon arrival, you can either slip in into the Devil’s Pool slowly, or do the extreme challenge of jumping in. Tour operators generally will get to the edge first to add an extra layer of safety. At that point, there’s photographers to capture your experience but naturally you’re probably going to want to bring your own as well (waterproof!)

The cost to visit the Devil’s Pool starts at $60 USD, and depending on the tour guide you go with may include a lunch. Previous attendees say that it’s a truly amazing experience with the only drawback being the amount of time you can spend in the Devil’s Pool (evidently it’s becoming an increasingly popular attraction). Ultimately, it would certainly be a highlight of any trip to Zambia. The best idea is to stay locally in Livingstone, and you can be sure your experience at the Devil’s Falls will be one to remember.

Lead Image Credit: Allira Cooper
2nd Image Credit: DoctorJoeE