Skullcandy Crusher headphones first came to market just about a year ago, but they remain some of the best mid-range priced headphones on the market for a variety of reasons. Generally most headphones come with a standard headphone speaker driver, which covers the spectrum of sound – highs, lows and mids. However, one thing most people want more of is bass. To make a terrible pun, we are All About That Bass. After writing our Skullcandy Crusher Headphone Review, we officially are recommending this on our 2014 Guy Maven Gift Guide.

Skullcandy Crushers offer a very good headphone speaker set with noise canceling technology so you won’t be exposed to sounds around you as you enjoy movies, music and podcasts in your own bubble. In our own tests, we found the sound to be clear, strong and detailed. Bass was bassy, vocals were clear and crisp, and while watching Edge of Tomorrow we really felt immersed in the experience. As a standalone set of headphone, the Crushers were well worth the price.


Now, this is where we delve into what makes the Crusher’s truly special – they have a second subwoofer in each ear that offers massive bass. The behind one of the earphones, is a slot of a single AA battery, which powers both subwoofers. There is a small slide on the earphone that controls the power of the bass, enabling you to find the perfect level for your needs. At full power, the bass is strong enough to give your ears quite the massage – without distorting the sound quality. Bass is powerful, but not overwhelming. A single battery is said to power the subwoofers for up to 40 hours, however in our test with the stock battery they provide it only lasted for 30 hours. The headphones themselves are aesthetically pleasing but they the construction of the main overhead band does feel a little cheap as it is made of a light plastic.



The cord deserves praise as it is not connected to the main headphones, solving the problem that we’ve had with headphones over and over again – the cord getting torn, ripped, disconnected etc. If your connection cord stops working, just head to the dollar store and get yourself a new connection cable (both ends are 3.5mm connections). The stock cable also comes with a simple remote control and mic combination for your phone. Controls are based on clicks: 1 takes/hangs up calls and pauses/plays audio, 2 skips tracks, and 3 goes back a track.

Overall, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones are a very solid set of headphones that should last you for a long time. The mid-level price may scare away those who’ve never invested in quality before, but after trying these you probably will never go back to a $40 set of headphones again.

You can get a set of Skullcandy Crusher headphones for $120.