Air Miles is giving five small towns a chance to have Grammy Award winning artist, Meghan Trainor perform in their city through a new campaign they call “Air Miles Detour”. The campaign, which kicked off this week will give anyone a chance to vote for one of the five small cities in Canada that will host the live music event.

As part of the Air Miles Detour campaign they did short 2 minute documentaries on each of the cities, which alone are pretty interesting and well worth watching. As Canadians, we have so many small cities and towns that you often never hear about, so learning about them is a great exercise in getting to know Canada a little bit better! There’s also a ton of really interesting behind the scenes, and other videos on each of the cities on their YouTube channel.

The cities include:

How Air Miles Detour Works

Air Miles Detour Cities

From now, until May 1st, the campaign works fairly simply – sign up by picking the city you support and connect your Air Miles card to it. From May 1st until 31st, you’ll have access to some VIP Air Miles Detour coupons which when used will give you an entry to a VIP contest! At the same time, during that time frameĀ all theĀ Air Miles you collect, count as a vote towards the city you picked. The winning city will have Meghan Trainor perform there.

Personally, I picked Morin Heights, Quebec. While it’s not close to Toronto at all, it is close to Saint Sauveur – another small town in Quebec, where my family owns a cottage. As such, Morin Heights has been a place that I’ve seen/driven past/through many times and much like Saint Sauveur, the city is picturesque. Sorry to the rest of the cities, which I am sure are equally beautiful!

Head on over to the Air Miles website to vote for city that you think should host Meghan Trainor later this summer!

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