We are incredibly curious about the shifting culture of what we deem acceptable ways to meet each other in 2014. A brief internal survey revealed that some of us had dated girls we met through Twitter, we’ve hooked up with women who we’ve exchanged a DM or two with, and we’ve even got into long term relationships with people met through Tinder. It made us wonder just how common it is. Are men more likely to date women they meet online? Were women more interested in hookups via social media? While we found a few answers, it didn’t help us with all our questions. So we turn to you – our incredible readers (and hopefully your friends as well) to help us shed some light on the growing area of social media dating! The answers you share below in our social media dating survey will be kept private. We will not collect names, and if you do want an email when the results are published, we will keep that email private!

Please answer honestly and help us figure out the new world of social media dating!

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