The StarbucksForLife contest has returned to both Canada and the US. If you’re not familiar, you first register online to be involved. Each time you buy something, you are granted a ‘play’ towards prizes. It works like a collection game where you need three pieces to complete the set. If you do, you win the associated item. The 2016 StarbucksForLife game introduces some new features including challenges. These challenges include buying items in subsequent days, certain amounts and more. We’ll get into those later.

This guide came about when my friend, Casey asked if there was a way to complete everything. (Plug, he is the best parent blogger in Canada and creates really great content, go check him out) . We would both love to win StarbucksForLife, so why not try to figure out how to maximize our chances? Challenge accepted, I sat down to figure it out and make it as easy as possible. Shared it with him, and realized this might be something other people could use. I believe I have figured out the way to complete MOST of the challenges in the fastest way possible. That said, I can’t guarantee it because nothing is ever 100%. Also, note that I’m basing this on Starbucks Canada, so the US program may be slightly different.

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Anyway, below you’ll find the challenges and how to complete them. I’ve also created a mini-plan on how to spend the least amount of time to get the most challenges done. I’ll update this if/when I get more information/confirmation of ways to finish challenges etc. If you win #StarbucksForLife… you owe me a couple coffees! Haha.

StarbucksForLife Challenges Explained

StarbucksForLife Getting the Hang of Things

Getting the Hang of It is logging in Three Days in a Row. You don’t need to buy anything, just log in each day. You earn 3 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Early Riser

Early Riser is making three separate purchases before 7AM. You earn 2 plays by completing it.
StarbucksForLife Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly is posting a picture on Instagram with two hashtags: #StarbucksForLife #Contest. You then connect your Instagram account so it can verify you’ve posted. You earn 1 play by completing it.StarbucksForLife Regular Joe

Regular Joe is making 10 purchases at the SAME Starbucks store. They do not need to be consecutive purchases. You earn 3 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Recharge

Recharge is making a purchase of $10 or more between 2PM and 5PM. You earn 2 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Jump The Line

Jump the Line is making 3 separate purchases THROUGH the app. You place and pay for the order within the app and then just pick up your order. You earn 2 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Hot Streak

Hot Streak is making a purchase 5 days in a row. You earn 3 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Coffee With Friends

Coffee with Friends is making a $15 purchase in one order. You earn 2 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Coffee Ranger

Coffee Ranger is ordering at 5 DIFFERENT Starbucks locations. You earn 3 plays by completing it. Okay, so this one is much discussed right now. Now, I don’t have any direct contact with Starbucks, so I’m going theorize a little bit. It seems that the Coffee Ranger challenge is bugged, and Starbucks realized it was bugged. As such, as of yesterday (December 15) they reset everyone’s achievement level on this. Again, just an educated guess based on a lot of factors!StarbucksForLife BRB

BRB is purchasing something between 2-4PM. You earn 1 play by completing it.StarbucksForLife B4 4 EAE

BF 4 EAE is inviting a friend to Starbucks for Life via Facebook or Twitter. You earn 3 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Best Barista Ever

Best Barista Ever is done by submitting feedback about your favorite barista. Easy peasy, just submit some nice feedback about your barista – I’m sure they get that feedback so make it count! You earn 2 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife Badge Collector

Badge Collector is completing 7 of the challenges. You earn 2 plays by completing it.StarbucksForLife All Day

All Day is making two purchases in one day. One purchase has to be before noon, while the other has to be after noon. You earn 2 plays by completing it.

StarbucksForLife Weekender

Weekender is making a purchase on the weekend. You earn 1 play by completing it.

How to Complete all 15 StarbucksForLife Challenges Easily

All 15 challenges can (probably) be completed in 6 days (if you start on Monday) and 5 days if you start any other day of the week. You need at least one weekend in there, one 5-day streak, and both mobile and early orders. You also need to go to the same store at least 5 times, and go to 4 other stores as well – so we’ll assume you can do about 2x a day.

Day 0: All Done Online
Earn BF 4 EAE, Best Barista Ever, Social Butterfly.

Day 1 – Coffee AM, $15 Purchase PM
Earn All DayCoffee with Friends, BRB, Recharge.

Day 2 – Coffee AM, Coffee PM
Earn Jump The Line.

Day 3 – Coffee AM, Coffee PM
Earn Getting the Hang of It, Early Riser, Badge Collector (Depends).

Day 4 – Coffee AM, Coffee PM
Earn Coffee Ranger.

Day 5 – Coffee AM, Coffee PM
Earn Hot Streak, Regular Joe.

Day 6 – Coffee AM
Earn Weekender .



So there you go folks! This should help you get all the #StarbucksForLife challenges in about 5 or 6 days! This is now all confirmed! No more speculation needed. Please feel free to share information in the comments below!

As you’ll find mentioned in the comments below, you can also complete any challenge and get the associated plays by just asking Starbucks to complete it for you. Once you’re logged in, at the very bottom of the page click the ‘no purchase necessary’ option (or to make it simple, just click here.) I don’t know that you’ll get the same enjoyment out of completing it – but I mean… getting to Starbucks before 7AM? Yeah, I’ll take that one free please.

Good luck and may the coffee gods bless you all!

For an additional guide on this, with additional details on the calendar, check out Casey’s post! It will give you an exact step by step each and every day!

(Last Updated December 12th, 2016)