Today, I share the results of the difficult task I had of sampling and reviewing Sweets Canada Chocolate. I know, I know – it’s a rough life, but sometimes you just have to take one for the team. Alright, in all seriousness, Sweets Canada sent a pack of 12 of their chocolate bars my way to give them a taste and give my honest feedback. Now look – chocolate is delicious in general. I’ve never met a chocolate bar I didn’t love. Scratch that, that’s a lie. I bought some cheap Easter chocolate that I bit into and hated, looked at the package and it said “Chocolaty Treat” instead of Chocolate. I later learned that’s basically just fake chocolate flavoured sugar. Fool me once…

Back to Sweets Canada – this is some high quality, premium chocolate in flavours you’ve probably never experienced and that alone makes them worth buying. Now factor in that they deliver them to your home, and that the overall price works out to about $5.50 per bar, and financially it’s a pretty good bargain for this kind of quality. But how do they taste and how would I rank them in terms of their overall deliciousness? Let’s get into that.

Sweets Canada Chocolate Types and Ranking

It should be noted that all of their chocolates are 100g, and each of them come in a little reusable bag (I’ve personally used them to hold business cards, screws and other small loose items such as these.

Sweets Canada Chocolate

  1. Dark Chocolate Caramel, Cashew & Sea Salt
    This was my personal favourite of the bunch – the combination of dark chocolate and caramel mixed in with the sea salt was heavenly. I have an affinity for dark chocolate, so I’m already biased. I don’t know that I tasted any cashew though.
  2. Milk Chocolate with Apple, Cinnamon & Sunflower Petals
    Unexpectedly delicious tasting. Smooth chocolate with a hint of apple pie mixed in, quite the treat, definitely one of the best.
  3. White Chocolate with Strawberry & Rose Petals
    The only white chocolate I ever really like is Cookies and Cream, but this was just too good! It may have entirely changed my opinion on white chocolate. You can definitely taste the rose petals (and see them) as well as the strawberry, but neither are overwhelming.
  4. Milk Chocolate with Apricot, Caramel & Safflower Petals
    Honestly, I enjoyed this one – but not necessarily for the apricot/caramel/safflower petal mix. Instead, I felt that it tasted very similar to the apple-cinnamon one which is why I grade it so highly.
  5. Dark Chocolate Ginger
    This is a very good combination, but it won’t be for everyone. You really need to love the taste of ginger to appreciate this one. While it’s not overpowering, I think that it would go slightly better with a milk chocolate than the dark – but that’s just me.
  6. Dark Chocolate Matcha Green with Jasmine Petals
    I loved the dark chocolate taste, but tasted nothing from the matcha green or jasmine – as such, I would still eat it at a moments notice, but in terms of the fanciness, it was lost on me.
  7. Dark Chocolate with Cranberry & Lavender Petals
    Of the seven I tried, this one was my least favourite. The dark chocolate is smooth and delicious, but the lavendar scent was overwhelming. Some people love lavender (I do enjoy it in moderation), but for whatever reason this was just far too strong for me to truly enjoy.

You can order their luxury chocolate through their website, at a cost of about $65 for 12 bars.