SYNEK, a Kickstarter concept we first wrote about back in 2014, that would enable every person to have and serve draft beer from the comfort of their home, has completed delivery on all the orders from their initial campaign and is now unveiling new developments for their system. But first, let’s recap what the SYNEK Draft System does –¬†they enable you to fill up bags of draft beer from nearly any beer brewer (or even your own home brew), and serve it from a tap, chilled to perfection. It’s the way beer is meant to be enjoyed, and with the SYNEK it can be enjoyed at home.

Synek Beer

Since the original concept, SYNEK redesigned the look of the machine, raised an additional $3.1M in funding, and are now onto continuing to modernize the beer experience. They have three new developments they’ve come out with to further their vision, and enable more brewers to work with their system. The Growler Adapter will enable the expansion of the beers that the machine supports including Nitrogen infused beer. Secondly, they have redesigned and improved the cartridges to increase the pressure rating by 50% compared to the first iteration. Third, they’ve developed a way to upgrade vented faucets for higher quality and longer lasting draft beer.

Have Draft Beer at Home with SYNEK

The SYNEK system is available to order immediately from their website for $330, and they’ve also released a new bronzed version shipping in March for $400. Each of their 128oz bags are one time use, and the beauty is they are interchangeable – so if you’re bored of one type of beer, you can easily swap it out for a different one, and as long as you keep the bags refrigerated, they’ll remain fresh for 30+ days. Lastly, you’ll need their refillable CO2 tanks that are each good for 50 bags. While we haven’t had our hands on one of their units yet, we’re aiming to change that soon – naturally, an office with our own tapped beer would be a pretty amazing perk for our writers!