Techmas Day 5 features the 360fly Camera, exclusively available at Best Buy.

If you’re wondering what the next big thing in online video is going to be, the answer is 360-degree immersive experiences. Many companies are working on immersive goggles to experiences these videos, and several company are working on cameras to shoot them. While the majority of 360-degree cameras are currently designed for professionals (Google’s Jump camera rig would cost $15,000), one company bridging that gap is 360fly. 360fly is aggressively launching into the market with one goal – do for 360 Video what GoPro did for action video.

Their first iteration of the 360fly is an impressive step into the market. First off, the billiards ball shaped and sized camera features a single camera that is able to capture 240-degrees all around at a resolution of 1504×1504. The camera has built-in image stabilization including a 3-axis sensor and accelerometer, so shots are stable and clear even if you’re not. Speaking of GoPro, the 360fly is water, weather, cold, dirt, dust and shock resistant, allowing you to do things like snowboard, ski, swim, run and explore while capturing immersive experiences. Inside the 360fly features 32GB of memory which should store up to 4 hours of footage, and a 1600mAh battery that is rated at 2+ hours of shooting time. (You can experience 360 video on Google Chrome, or on Android devices. Simply touch the screen to explore all around!)

The 360fly can connect to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth LE in real time, allowing you to see exactly what you’re shooting. You’ll also be able to view, edit and share from your iOS or Android device. The only apparent drawback on the camera is that 240-degree shooting size, which leaves the remaining part of the video black. But, for the first serious entry into a consumer ready 360-degree immersive experience camera, it’s a great start and will certainly result in some incredible videos in the very near future.

You can get the 360fly exclusively through Best Buy for $530.

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