Techmas Day 12 features a connectivity pack that includes a Belkin Miracast and a Linksys N300 WiFi Range Extender, you can purchase them through Amazon.

There’s two things we are aiming to achieve digitally in recent years – minimizing the number of cords by going with more wireless products, while simultaneously wanting stronger and wider access to WiFi. Belkin is one company that’s mission is essentially that – improve your ability to connect to WiFi and do it as wirelessly as possibly. Two products that tackle this exact issue are the Belkin Miracast and the Linksys N300 WiFi Range Extender.

The Linksys N300 is a great device for anyone that suffers from weak WiFi in parts of their home or property. The device works by acting as a repeater. First, you pair it to any wireless router and then you plug it in roughly at the middle point between the area you struggle with WiFi access and the router itself. It expands coverage by about 5000 square feet, and also includes an ethernet port to connect a wired device to as well. The only downside is that it runs on the 2.4GHz band instead of the 5GHz (which is a much better/more stable internet connection). A great device choice for anyone with a large home or outdoor area they want WiFi access in.

Belkin Miracast

The Belkin Miracast video adapter is a HDMI connected device that enables you to stream content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop wirelessly in full 1080 HD to a television. This enables you to play games, watch movies, look at pictures and browse anything you would on your phone on a big screen. The device features HDMI 2.0 which enables it to show the HD content, as well as 32 audio channels, 60FPS playback and dynamic synchronization. To power the device, it connects to the USB slot on your TV.


You can purchase the Belkin Miracast ($100) or the Linksys N300 ($60) from Amazon.

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