Techmas Day 9 features the GUESS Connect Smartwatch, now available in Canada at Best Buy.

Most smartwatches manufacturers got into the industry with one idea in mind – make a small digital screen that mimics the look of the smartphone you’re pairing it with. Those kind of smartwatches have achieved some success with techy people, but for a large majority, they simply aren’t interested in a smaller phone on their wrist. Instead, they want a sophisticated piece of wrist bling that also offers a simple passive way to get notifications easily. This is where GUESS’ partnership with Martian creates the perfect middle ground in the GUESS Connect Smartwatch. GUESS is stepping into the smartwatch market with a strong start aesthetically by taking their Rigor design and adding smartwatch functionality.

The GUESS Connect Smartwatch (that we got our hands on) starts proudly with a beautiful black dial, that features two notable differences between other GUESS watches: first is a small light (located between 8 and 9 marks), the second is a small rectangular box at the bottom of the face. That box is what displays text based notifications from your phone – paired via Bluetooth LE. On the sides, you’ll find two main buttons that are used to control the smartwatch functionality – one (the bottom) to power the device and access the menu, and the other (top) to control selection and activate voice commands. Speaking of voice commands, the GUESS Connect Smartwatch features a small microphone and speaker that enable the wearer to use Siri or Google Now commands from the comfort of their wrist. Make calls, send messages or other voice based commands are done as simply as they would be on your phone.

Guess Connect

The GUESS Connect Smartwatch lithium-ion battery is rated for about 5 days, and a full charge takes just 2 hours. The analog part of the watch is based upon their bold and beautiful Rigor series of watches, featuring quartz movement with a battery that should last two years. The watch is clearly designed to meet a market that is underserved. While previous Martian designs were less than beautiful, their partnership with an experienced fashion brand like GUESS has resulted in a true beauty!

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