Techmas Day 7 features the House of Marley Chant Mini Bluetooth Speaker, available at Best Buy or Amazon.

House of Marley is a pretty interesting company. Everything they do is inspired and has to live up to the Bob Marley legacy, and that means caring for the environment, providing a quality product and giving back to the community. Some of those principles and business don’t always easily go hand-in-hand, but House of Marley has proven you don’t need to make a choice when it comes to business. Their products are crafted from earth friendly materials, packed in recyclable items, are of the highest quality, and they donate a portion of profits to global causes to better the world.

The House of Marley Chant Mini portable Bluetooth speaker is a smaller (and thus more portable) version of the Chant speaker. Design elements are quite similar between the two, as the Chant Mini is constructed of blended bio-plastic, silicone and recyclable aluminium. It’s covered in their trademarked “REWIND” fabric, which consists of hemp, cotton and plastic, and it also features detailing in bamboo. The speaker itself is 3W, with a 2″ Active Passive combination driver. It also has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that is rated for up to 6 hours of playback.

House of Marley Chant Mini Speaker

The speaker connects via Bluetooth 4.1, but also includes a 3.5mm aux input to allow you to wire it directly (though a cord is sold separately). The speaker also comes with a carabiner to clip to your belt or a bag, for tunes on the move and has a built in microphone to enable you to take calls while using the Chant Mini. There’s a lot of good that comes in this small, inexpensive portable speaker.

You can get the House of Marley Chant Mini from Best Buy or Amazon.

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