Techmas Day 11 features the Nest Cam!

There’s a reason Google paid $3.2 billion for Nest. Not only is home automation the next big thing that we’re all going to invest in, but they have proven to make some great products. The latest, the Nest Cam, is their updated home security camera. It features some powerful features, quality video and a monthly subscription fee for cloud storage. Even without the subscription, the Nest Cam is ideal for anyone who wants to keep tabs on their home. You can even use it to communicate with family members or just to tell the dog to get off the couch.

NEST Cam Features

The Nest Cam includes the camera itself, a 10-foot microUSB to USB cable, a USB block and a simple mounting kit. Inside of the Nest Cam, the device packs a powerful 1080p HD video camera that is capable of capturing 130-degree video. At night, thanks to a strong LED infrared light, the camera is capable of doing night vision video. The camera also features a speaker and a small microphone enabling two-way talk. Connected via WiFi, you’ll have the ability to stream your camera direct to your phone no matter where you are. As an extra perk, you can set up phone notifications that will alert you if there’s unexpected movement within sight of the Nest Cam.

Nest Cam Home Depot

The setup on the camera is simple – in fact, they advertise their 60-second setup on the box itself. In practice, that time might be a little closer to five minutes if you’ve never set one up before. Five minutes of your time for 24/7 piece of mind is a small price to pay. The Nest Aware subscription starts at $10/month ($100/year) for 10-day video history. That also provides rolling cloud storage for your video and unlocks some features. Those features include summaries, activity zones, timelapse mode, and alert filters.

Buy the Nest Indoor Cam from Amazon here.