Techmas Day 1 features the Roku 3 (2015 Model), you can purchase it through Amazon or Best Buy.

The battle for streaming device supremacy has several major players in it, namely Google, Apple and Amazon – but one company without the massive corporation behind them is Roku and they are doing exceptionally well. In fact, they were the top streaming device for the last three years running – 2012 to 2014, Roku has beat every other streaming device by a large margin. This year, they updated one of their most popular device, Roku 3 with some new features that again improve their control of the market.

The Roku 3 (2015 Model) or technically known as the Roku 3 4230R, comes stock with over 1400 streaming channels built into it including YouTube, Netflix, the Cineplex Store, Sky News, Crackle, Vevo, Flixster, Happy Kids, NFL Now, Hulu, Popcorn Flix and hundred of others. That’s probably one of the most important and best parts about Roku, and why it is the top choice – it’s an equal opportunity streaming device. Unlike competitors on the market, it just wants to give people what they want without the politics of a larger corporation above them.

Roku 3 (2015 Model)

The updated model is fairly similar to the previous model with one update: Voice search. While that update isn’t groundbreaking, it is quite useful considering the one place we’ll all be most comfortable using voice search is in the privacy of our homes. That functionality is built into their new enhanced remote, which also includes WiFi control, and a headphone jack to watch the device without disturbing others. At the time of writing this, we haven’t been able to test the speed of the device, but based on everything we’ve read online it seems to be a top performer in that category as well.

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