Techmas Day 2 features the brand new Keurig KOLD, you can purchase it online at

Keurig is rapidly becoming the ‘on demand’ provider of all beverages hot and now kold. While there’s definitely competition in the hot beverage market, and they had a little blip on the radar late last year – they corrected that mistake and reintroduced their Keurig 2.0 My K-Cup, enabling owners to use their own coffee in their machines. It’s a business decision (based on consumer reaction) that will likely mean GOOD things for Keurig in the long run. As long as their focus is on the consumer, and improving their lives they’ll continue to succeed. This is exactly where their opportunity lies with their new Keurig KOLD.

The Keurig KOLD is a whole new business concept based on some similarities from the hot market. Instead of providing a hot beverage at a press of a button, the Keurig KOLD system takes a ton of impressive technology and puts it on your countertop to enable you to create sodas (Coca Cola licensed as well as Keurig brands) at will. Now, there will be some initial sticker shock at the price – but keep in mind the original Keurig Hot system was over $250. This is a step into a brand new market and there’s no other real competition (CO2 machines require CO2 tanks, and they offer no beverage chilling or branded beverages).
Keurig KOLD Canada

Keurig KOLD launches with licenses for Coca Cola products – both regular and diet Coke, as well as Sprite, and also adds Canada Dry Gingerale. Other KOLD pods include Keurig brands for carbonated flavoured water, cane sugar sodas, fruit based energy drinks and others. The system takes about two hours to ‘cool down’, followed by about 90 seconds to turn tap water into delicious, ice cold, carbonated drinks. It’s quite an impressive innovation, and while demand may not be massive right away, it does speak to a great future if this is the first iteration!

They Keurig KOLD can be purchased online only (until the new year) from

Win a Keurig KOLD for Techmas ($400 Value)

Techmas: Win a Keurig Kold ($400 Value)

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