Jono Williams is not your average guy from New Zealand. Yes, he works full time as a plastics engineer and graphic designer, and likes to spend his weekends travelling, snowboarding and motocross – but what’s very different about him is for the last three years, Jono has been building the most incredible man ‘cave’ ever. Cave isn’t at all appropriate considering this amazing sits elevated above the the surrounding land. The Skysphere is his creation, and he’s spent nearly $50,000 USD and about 3000 hours total developing the plans all the way to nearing completion as it stands now.

Skysphere Inside

He’s been documenting the three year journey and construction process, which certainly makes us re-evaluate our desire in wanting one, but we certainly love the result. From the beginning planning stage, to foundation soil testing, to the basic construction of the Skysphere, he’s been taking pictures and sharing the process. He even created his own curved furniture, automatic beverage dispenser, and is building a projection screen. Perhaps best of all, the entire Skysphere runs off of some low profile solar panels on the exterior bars. He has some future plans to add opaque smart film to the window for privacy sake, and while he has no plumbing in the Skysphere, he’s building a small bathroom nearby.

Skysphere Solar

He’s taken dozens of pictures and posted them to his website and Facebook page, so if you want to see more – definitely go check out those sites. We’ve never wanted to visit New Zealand as much as we do right now, so let’s hope that Jono puts the Skysphere up on Airbnb, that’s a surefire way for him to recoup the investment!

Skysphere Sceenery Skysphere In Place Skysphere Pad Skysphere Painting Skysphere Set Up