It’s amazing that in 2015, we look at drones as a standardized design – four props, camera somewhere near the front and a very flat based design to enable easy landings. The people¬†at Ascent AeroSystems¬†have rethought that process by working on the Sprite Drone with portability and durability in mind. Think of it a lot like the GoPro, an action camera that offers some amazing performance in a much easier package than prior iterations.

The Sprite features a dual helicopter prop style flight system that gives it both control and speed, and created a compact and enclosed airframe, which means there’s no weak points where water, dust or other debris could get in to damage the drone. Those kind of things are what end up being the flight killers on most drones. The system also has several flight modes including a ‘follow me’ flight pattern that does exactly as the name says. Shooting in 1080p (30FPS), and with a 2-axis gimbal the drone will certainly shoot the kind of beautiful footage you want it to. And it has a 6KM range, which in terms of drone piloting – is pretty impressive.

It is currently fully funded on Kickstarter, but if you act quick you can get your own Sprite for $800.