We’ve all seen Russians hanging off of rooftops by a single finger, or sneaking onto the towers and climbing miles into the air… but there is clearly something in the water there because these videos include kids that are getting younger and younger. The latest is this insane Russian kid who took a ride on the top of a subway, and filmed the entire thing. The video is actually incredibly well cut together, the music is actually pretty good at setting the tone, the overall feeling of joy and freedom expressed is certainly something to aspire to.

That said, the kid is also totally insane and probably will end up dead at some point. The video starts with a kind of pseudo parkour of him running through the train station, sliding down escalators, and jumping over small barriers… he then gets on the subway and you expect him to open a door and climb out, but he doesn’t do the expected at all. He leaves the train, jumps a barrier, carefully maneuvers over some razor wire, and then is spotted by security before making his jump onto a train as it is leaving the station.

It’s something out of a movie, and while we shouldn’t endorse this kinda stuff, it will add some major exhilaration to your Monday!