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When I first got my hands on the Alcatel Idol 4 smartphone back in September, I wasn’t expecting much. With a phone priced at $300 (CAD) without a contract, this was certainly in the ‘budget’ category for smartphones. Usually, budget phones come with older versions of operating software, and struggle to keep up with heavy use. Yet, with the Idol 4 does not suffer from the shortcomings that other budget phones live with. In fact, I’ve been wholly impressed with the performance of the Alcatel Idol 4 in the two months I’ve been using it.

The Alcatel Idol 4 comes with all the things you want to see in a device. It has a 13MP rear camera that takes good pictures. The 8MP front camera has a flash, which is something that most smartphones don’t even have – so bonus points to them. It has dual stereo speakers running at 3.6-watts that deliver amazing sound. Meanwhile, the 5.2″ screen is nice to look at with a good amount of brightness. It also features a ‘BOOM’ key, which aims to enable quicker access to the camera and other apps.

The Alcatel Idol 4 is a Great Budget Phone

Coming with 16GB of flash storage and 2GB of RAM, it stores a reasonable amount and despite the 2GB keeps up with most tasks. There’s also a MicroSD card to expand storage to 512GB. If three’s one standout issue with the Idol 4, it’s the battery. As a power user, I’m almost ALWAYS on my phone and I burn through battery fast. The Alcatel Idol 4 has a 2610 mAh battery that generally lasted me about 6-7 hours of heavy usage.

All in all, I’m still impressed with this phone. The screen, the camera, the sound and the speed of the phone meet my needs as a power user. That said, a more ‘average’ consumer will find it’s more than enough for them. A very good device at a great price!

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