You can buy the Homido VR V2 Headset from Best Buy Canada $100 (CAD) or from Best Buy US for $80 (USD).

When I ask most people if they’ve tried VR yet, more often than not they say no. When I ask why, most say that it’s just too expensive or they don’t have a computer that can run it. That’s when I always try to educate them about the fact that VR is actually quite accessible. Today, you can get the Homido VR V2 headset for about $100 and experience virtual reality anywhere.

The Homido VR V2 is their second iteration of the wearable headset. It takes what they learned from the first one and improves it . The Homido VR is a full sized device, made of durable plastic. It has over the head and around the back of the head straps to keep it in place, both are adjustable. There is also full control of the lens position, to perfect the experience depending on your face. There’s even an ability to control the type of lens depending on your eyes – either normal, near or far sightedness.

Homido VR is Virtual Reality For Everyone

It also comes with a nice carrying case, a cleaning cloth, and an extra padding option. The Homido VR is able to accommodate almost any device in existence regardless of the brand. As long as the screen size is between 4″ and 5.7″ you’re going to be able to use it.

If you’ve never experienced VR before, this is an incredible place to start. The fact you have different lenses and control over the position means it will work for everyone. VR is one of the most exciting developments in tech right now. You can experience a rollercoaster, or stand under the Eiffel Tower. Maybe you want to fly through space or fight zombies. VR opens you to a world of new virtual experiences.

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