You can buy the Monster Elements from for $300 (CAD), or from for $200 (USD).

I love that the world is going wireless. But, as we move to wireless most Bluetooth headphones suffer from poor battery life OR poor connectivity. That’s the growing pains of moving towards a new technology. If you want both, you’re going to pay for it. That said, the Monster Elements wireless headphones look to be getting the best of all worlds. First off, they provide a strong Bluetooth connection within 50 feet of the device. Second, they offer a 24+ hour long battery. Third, while a premium product, they aren’t expensive at just under $300 CAD.

Which brings us to the sound. From some initial testing, the sound is great on the Monster Elements. The bass is deep and powerful, but not overwhelming, while the highs are clear and detailed. There’s also two sound modes – Natural and Club, of which the Club mode is amazing and takes the sound to a new level.

The Monster Elements are Stylish and offer Powerful Sound

The Monster Elements also feature a nice touch control built into the right drum. Those controls enable volume management by swiping up or down, and also playback controls via taps. It’s a nice addition and much more ideal than physical buttons. Perhaps best of all, even if you manage to burn through 24 hours of battery – you have two wired ways to play music. A 3.5mm headphone jack is easy to connect to the headphones and to your music device, while a USB audio connection is also possible.

I’m definitely going to be doing a full review of these headphones in the coming weeks. I’m sure I will find some issues after extended usage, but for now – I liking how they fit, how they sound and how they look! Monster has some true winners on their hands here!

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