You can buy the Parrot Mambo from for $100 (USD), or from for $140 (CAD).

I remember as a kid, seeing a neighbour fly a remote controlled plane. It was an amazing sight to see – and every year around Christmas, it always made my list. Many years later, and drone technology is becoming rather common. But while the majority are prosumer drones designed for aerial photography, some are for fun. That describes what the Parrot’s MiniDrone line is all about! Parrot is well known for being one of the first companies to put out an affordable drone, and now, it’s even easier to get a drone!

The Parrot Mambo is a fun portable and interactive drone. Besides its basic mode of flying around your home and office, it has a couple other fun features. First, it has a little note holder making it part carrier pigeon. Second, it has a grabber tool which allows you to use it a little bit like an aerial bomber (holding up to 4g). Lastly, it has a 6-shot BB cannon, that turns your little handheld drone into a real menace to your coworkers!

The Parrot Mambo is a Great Intro to Drones

The flight time is 5-9 minutes, but more than enough to get off a few shots before needing to recharge. Speaking of, the charge time is about 20 minutes. Now, while the Parrot Mambo does not have a forward facing camera, it does shoot vertically with a low-resolution 480p camera. You can control the Parrot Mambo  via your smartphone, or you can buy an optional remote control for it. This little drone is great for a kid or kid-at-heart. It will teach you the basics of drone flight and give you some fun flights at home! IDEA: Get two and attempt the first Parrot Mambo Dogfight!

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