You can buy the Roku Ultra from for $130 (USD), or from for $180 (CAD).

Roku is THE name in streaming devices. While they have competitors, none compete with how robust the Roku streaming devices  are. Roku is the only platform-agnostic streaming service out there. For those not sure what that means – anything you want to stream you can with Roku. Competitors often put restrictions on certain services, but Roku does not. They recently came out with their new lineup of streaming devices, and at the top of the hill is the Roku Ultra.

The Roku Ultra comes with a few extra features that help it live up to the Ultra name. The 4.9″ rounded square has plenty of ports for all your media needs. Those ports include an HDMI port, an optical audio output, a MicroSD card slot, and a USB port. You’ll also find an Ethernet port and power connector. There’s a new remote locator button that when enabled will help you find the remote.

The Roku Ultra has the Best Remote

Speaking of the remote, the Ultra comes with full-featured remote. While you’ll get a remote with the other Roku’s, this one has all the features you could want. This includes motion controls, audio controls and the entire device is point-anywhere. You’ll also be able to listen privately through the built-in headphone jack. Buttons on the front include Netflix, Spotify, Google Play and TED. You’ll also be able to play games with the remote using the directions for controls, and dedicated A/B buttons (similar to NES).

With a quad-core processor, the Roku Ultra is ready for 4K HDR streaming. Granted, you’ll need a good internet connection to do so – but the device is ready for it. The Roku Ultra is the ultimate in streaming devices on the market, and it’s the best of the best on the Roku lineup. Definitely a great gift for all the media loving people in your family!

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