You can purchase the TP-Link Smart Plug with Energy Monitor from for $30 (USD), or from for $50 (CAD).

I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on the TP-Link Smart Plugs for awhile now. It’s the kind of product that I’ve been wanting ever since I was a kid. Those times I was in the basement, needing to turn the light off and rush upstairs before the darkness got me could have been so much easier. Childish fears aside, there’s some practical uses for the TP-Link Smart Plug. These include remote control to money saving information on your lights/small appliances.

TP-Link Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring

Set up is simple for the TP-Link Smart Plug. First, you download the KASA app for Android or iOS. Then you plug the device into any outlet in your home, and that enables connecting the outlet it to your WiFi. From there, you have a wealth of tools that empower your experience. Those tools include:

  • The ability to access and control your outlet (and what’s plugged into it) remotely.
  • A scheduling feature that allows you to turn them on and off on a timer. You can also set it to be random, which can somewhat simulate someone being home.
  • Access to information that includes energy consumption stats. This is fantastic for anything you want to know details about. Knowing how much energy a space heater uses helps you keep the costs down.
  • Voice controls enabled by Amazon Echo. “Turn on the lights!” and boom the lights turn on.

Immediately, I can see the applications when it comes to lighting such as having remote control of the Christmas tree makes it easier to set the festive mood (and save money). You could use it to turn on a crock pot while you’re sleeping or at work. Or determining if that decade old kettle is using too much energy and needs replacing.

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