The Wisteria Flower Tunnel is definitely on the bucket list – unlike some of the other travel bucket list experiences we’ve posted before, this one is a mixture of nature and man-made engineering that has resulted in one of the most amazing experiences in the world. The tunnel is built as an archway and the Wisteria are planted in rows at the base (in rows of probable colour). As those Wisteria plants grow vines up the structure, they develop long offshoots that sprout buds. During the months of April and May (the best time to visit) those buds bloom into full flowers which create the amazing beauty of the Wisteria Flower Tunnel.

How to Find the Wisteria Flower Tunnel

Getting to the Wisteria Flower Tunnel has sometimes alluded tourists as there isn’t always clear directions on getting there. Fortunately, we’ve got an insider who explains how to get there. “First off, the Wisteria Flower Tunnel is a small part of a large garden called the Kawachi Fuji Garden. It’s located in the city of Kitakyushu, which is roughly 6 hours away from Tokyo by train. The station you need to get to is JR Yahata. From there, you can either get on the free shuttle to Ajisel No Yu Onsen (it should be noted, this is meant to be a shuttle for locals only). The other way is to get have a taxi from the station take you there directly – about a 20 minute ride.”

Wisteria Flower Tunnel
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Your best bet to truly enjoy your experience at the Wisteria Flower Tunnel is to stay locally. There’s a few great options for local hotels including the Kitakyushu Royal Hotel or you can use Airbnb, which, if you stay for a few days will enable you to visit Kokuru Castle or Space World. Overall, experiencing the beautiful colours of the Wisteria Flower Tunnel will be one that sticks with you as a great memory that comes back every spring.