The Oscars are Sunday, which is an incredibly day to invite some guys and girls over and indulge in a little wine. We learned last night that the official wine of the Oscars this year is Sterling Vineyards out of California. Naturally, if it is good enough for the Oscars, it is probably good enough for you gents! Check out the three wines that are available at many LCBO locations and pickup a bottle for tomorrow evening.

Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon  12.5%
Full bodied and smooth, it is as bold and flavourful with touches of plum and chocolate. Recommended foods include roast chicken, burgers and rib roast.

Sterling Chardonnay – 13.5%
Buttery, rich and full bodied with a long finish. Recommended foods include seafood, pork kebabs or roast turkey.

Sterling Merlot – 13.5%
A full bodied and smooth Merlot with silky flavours of dark berries. Recommended foods include roast chicken, veal or beef patties.

*Prices sourced via LCBO website. Prices my vary in your Province or State.