It’s only a matter of time before we’re all just sitting at home plugged into our computers and experiencing the world from the comfort of home. That includes both experiences of traveling, unique experiences like riding a rollercoaster, and, well, sex. Thanks to 360-degree video you can now sit in the middle of a strip club, and experience a non-nude (but certainly very sexy) series of girls dancing all around you.

If you’re on Google Chrome, you can simple click and drag the screen to look around – and if you have an Oculus, Cardboard or other 3D viewer, you can just look around you to experience the different scenes and different girls. The quality of 360-degree video remains slightly on the low side compared to the crispness of 1080p video that has become the norm, but quality is sure to increase as the technology continues to grow. Google seems to be on the forefront of the technology, recently releasing their Jump camera that employs 16 GoPros to create incredibly crisp and clear 360 video.

Already companies have been experimenting with 360 video including some test movies being filmed – which would be absolutely amazing to experience a movie in 360 degrees! For now though, go ahead and enjoy the strip club yourself!