Fresh on the heels of his recent green screen motivational accidental hit, Shia LeBeouf is back with a new video sure to make waves. This time watch as Shia LeBeouf freestyle rap’s about just about nothing. We’re not entirely sure where he is, why he’s shirtless, why his hair is the way it is, and why he’s throwing down the freestyle gauntlet at all… but regardless of all that, we’re pretty impressed that despite all that, he manages to maintain some kindĀ of flow with lines like:

I’m busting in and coming in. Watch him cause he’s sick when he be coming with these bars and shit. Oh shit it’s me, I’m so fucking disgusting. Bust it on set it in, and I get it in and I’m cousin. Yeah I’m so cused out, and you already know me homie, you can’t really clow me unless you homie and you flow me. – Shia LeBeouf Freestyle Rap

Is Shia okay? At what point should we be worried about him? Or is this just the white guy version of news grabbing that Kanye is so good at? You decide – was this a hit or a flop?

PS. PEOPLE PLEASE turn your phones 90 degrees to get a full screen shot yeah?